Retirement planning is the process of planning your financial future with the goal of achieving a comfortable and prosperous retirement so you can live life on your own terms when the time comes. It generally involves evaluating your current financial standing, estimating future expenses, and devising a well-structured approach to accumulate sufficient savings and investments. As well as how to turn your future assets into a stream of income. 

What is retirement planning?

Retirement Planning

Review retirement income sources

Identifying your income sources in retirement is crucial because we can determine your baseline income and what you have to work with and build from there. 

Saving & investment strategies

Throughout the planning process and during reviews, income, spending, debt, savings, and investing, along with changes in circumstances, etc., are topics of discussion to ensure your saving and investing are on track to help you meet your goals.

Asset location

We look at investable assets in the accounts clients hold for ways to optimize after-tax returns by making things more tax efficient. This is done by placing investments in the most appropriate account type best suited to accomplish the goal.

Assess financial position

Knowing where you stand financially—career, income, spending, net worth, retirement, and other investable assets, is where we start.  

Setting goals

It's most important to determine your retirement goals; when do you want to retire, how much do you want to spend, do you want to move, do you want to work part-time, volunteer, etc.

Spending plan

This, by far, is the best way to control your money because rather than budgeting, you're intentionally spending it. 

Asset allocation

We help clients diversify their portfolios using an evidenced-based approach, as discussed in our investment philosophy. 

Retirement income planning

We help you build a plan around how to structure your portfolio in a way that allows you to draw a paycheck on a monthly or annual basis.

Estate planning

We provide clients peace of mind, knowing that a professional manages their wealth with their best interests in mind.

Social Security planning

We help clients estimate benefits, determine the best time to start receiving benefits, review the possible Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset pitfalls, and determine strategies suitable for husband and wife.

Tax planning

Income and distribution planning in retirement is a big deal. Small decisions that take you in the wrong direction can have big tax consequences. We help our clients navigate these decisions.

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