Who we are

We are a tax-focused wealth management and financial planning firm. We are fiduciaries at all times and offer our services on an annual flat fee basis. This helps minimize conflicts of interest and allows us to provide sound advice based on your individual and specific situation without putting our needs above your own.

What we do

We provide tax-aware, wealth management, and financial planning to help clients with such things as saving for retirement, investing money, to tax preparation, and tax planning that help maximize resources to create wealth.

Do I have enough cash flow?

Should I be worried about what I hear in the news?

Am I invested properly?

Am I paying too much in taxes? How can I reduce my taxes?

Can all my assets and investments get me to and through retirement?

We can help answer your questions 

What if I get sick? How will I make sure my family is cared for?

Do I need to change the way I'm invested?

What happens if I need to start caring for my parents financially?

We have the tools that can help you

Help maximize retirement contributions and other savings

Estimate your tax liability

Organize all your finances

Do your taxes

Determine the least amount of tax you should be paying

View all your financial accounts, assets, policies, loans, credit cards and financial plan in one place

Create a working cash flow plan to help optimize your resources

This is the type of tax work we do

Prepare and file your taxes 

Consider opportunities to minimize or offset taxes now and in the future

Tax Planning to assess the impact of  tax strategies on your finances

Roth contribution strategies

Roth conversion strategies

Net unrealized appreciation planning for appreciated company stock

Run tax projections and estimate your tax liability

Tracking, planning, and executing strategies around company stock options

Understand how the IRS views your income

Connecting Your Life and Your Wealth

Service Partners

As an independent advisory firm, we are not affiliated with any specific financial institution, such as a bank, investment company, or broker-dealer. Because we aren't affiliated with such institutions, we aren't limited to their offerings or receive incentive pay to recommend their products or services. This independence gives us the ability to provide advice and make recommendations based on what's best for our clients.

To maintain this independence, it regularly requires us to use third-party service providers to help our clients implement the advice and recommendations we make.

Archstone Wealth Advisors is in no way affiliated with any of the third-party service providers we use.

SEI Private Trust Company is a custodial partner we trust to protect our client's portfolios.

SEI has more than 50 years of experience, assisting people in building and controlling their wealth. They have a team of over 4,700 investment industry professionals worldwide, and they offer management and administrative services for over $1.25 trillion in client assets.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

This company was established in 1981 and currently manages assets worth over 600 billion. They have a team of over 1600 investment industry professionals located across the globe. Their investment philosophy is based on academic research and the dimensions of returns, making it less subjective and more systematic.returns, making it less subjective and more systematic.

“The Charles Schwab Corporation is one of the nation’s leading providers of financial services. Through their operating subsidiaries, they provide securities brokerage, money management and financial advisory services to individual
investors, independent investment advisors, and corporate and retirement plan sponsors and participants. The Charles Schwab Corporation is financially stable, and they are committed to their continued financial health. Their
capital structure and liquidity are sound, and their internal controls and business standards are designed to keep client
assets safe. They maintain a disciplined focus on risk management and strive to operate the firm conservatively to
minimize investment risks. They know that their success ultimately depends on how they serve all of their clients and their confidence in Schwab. 
Financial results and more information about The Charles Schwab Corporation’s business and financial condition can be viewed at any time at www.aboutschwab.com.”