Throughout my years of working with clients in this business, I've realized that most firms are structured in a way that there are many conflicts of interest. So I founded Archstone Wealth Advisors with a simple principle in mind that the advisor-client relationship matters most. And where the client always comes first. This principle is demonstrated in how the firm operates and in how we bill for services.

I hold a Bachelor's from Western Governors University based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and an MBA from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Along with several financial industry designations and the IRS.

I grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., but have lived in Arizona since 2000. I met my wife Molly on June 3, 2005; we were married on June 23, 2006. Molly and I have five beautiful children, Ryan, Taylor, Matthew, Aubree, and Levi. I enjoy spending time with them, going on road trips, hanging out on the beach, and hiking, among other things.

Why I'm a financial planner

I'm sure you've heard many people say that they "fell" into the work they do. And this is somewhat true for me, although not entirely. I had already been working in the financial services industry as a Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent. However, it wasn't until after running the agency, getting into debt, and selling it that I understood wealth-building fundamentals.

This experience was a defining moment for my wife and me. It changed the way we viewed money. I realized that building and growing wealth comes from being disciplined and making the intentional choices required to follow the financial fundamentals that create it. Ultimately it led me down the path to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢.